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A leap Above The Rest


Tuition is ca​lculated into 10 equal installments..All lessons are due the first each month and no later than the 7th of the month to recieve the discounted rate. The ninth and tenth installment for May& June tuition will be due the 1st lesson in May.After the 7th day of the month the tuition will increase $10 per class. If a payment is not made within 30 days the student will not be allowed to participate in class. All tuition is non—refundable. Class prices do not change if there are more or less weeks in a month. Costumes will be handed out 1 week after your end of year payment is made.You will be charged the same amount every month regardless of your attendance to class. There is no single class fee. After a students drops a class within the dance year he or she may not rejoin the class until the following year. Dancers dropping classes must give a written notice to the studio 15 days before the new month starts. Anyone dropping class after that peritod will be charged for that next month.


You will be notified by a note sent home and notes posted in the waiting area of our scheduled breaks. We follow the school calendar with ,Columbus Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Winter, Spring break & Memorial Day


If the district School is closed for a snow day, The Dance Centre is automatically closed


There are NO refunds for missed classes. Students may only make up a class due to illness and we must have 24 hour notice. Group classes will be scheduled for any private or semi-private missed lessons. If the class is canceled by the teacher a makeup class will be assigned to students. We do the best we can to notify you through email or text message  if classes are canceled due to bad weather.

Shoe Requirements

Please see our class requirement page for all shoe and apparel requirements. 


All Female students MUST have a leotard and tights of designated color with their hair pulled back into a bun.

All Male Students should wear sweatpants ,and or shorts and a Tee shirt

Competition Students 

Competition students are required to participate in the scheduled required competitions. Students in these classes 

MUST wear their hair in a secure bun , Black leotard, Tan tights and the proper shoes. Boys should wear stretchy clothes in the color black or white. This rule will be strictly enforced.

any student NOT properly dressed to take the class will not be allowed to enter the classroom. A maximum of three absences will be tolerated . After three absences in one year , the dancer will not be allowed to attend competition classes and will be required to pay for any costumes , competitions and the remainder of the year .

Trophies that are won for duet/trios or any groups will be owned by the studio and displayed at the studio.

If any student wins any prizes at competition, all prize money will be used onto next competition season for that group or student.

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